Home and School

Executive Committee 2018-2019

President: Andrea Dinkel
Vice President: Tamra Leiker
Secretary: Laura Chartier
vTreasurer:  Jessica Kerr

Committee Chairs

Hospitality: Amanda Bickle
Fundraising/Sales:  Julie Brown
Family Fun Night: Tami Zimmerman
Boxtops/Labels: Faye Miller
Dillons Cards: Freddy Unruh
T-Shirts: Summer Melvin

Special Events:

Teacher Reps: Teresa Gross  & Jessie Groff
Principal: Anita Scheve

Wilson Home & School Meeting Minutes

March 21, 2019

Regular Meeting

Meeting started at 6:33 p.m.

  1.  Introduce everyone: Pam Greenleaf, Andrea Dinkel, Jessica, Lance Bickle, Tracy Dague, Jessica Groff, Brad Schumacher, Anita Scheve, Laura Chartier
  2. Officer/Chairperson Updates
    1. President

i.      Discussed purchasing year books for the students next school year.  This year’s yearbooks are estimated at $4,700: Laura made Motion, Tracy 2nd, no opposed,

  1. Vice President

i.      Boxtop submission: Tamra missed the deadline for sending in the BoxTops although they will be added to the Fall submission

  1. Treasurer

i.      Checking balance: $21,922.35

ii.      Saving balance: $3,797.28

  1. Secretary: NA
  2. Principal’s Report: Grade cards go home 3/21/19.  State assessments begin the last week of March for upper classes. Hays Arts Council program is coming later in 4th nine weeks. Staff changes for next year include Mrs. Karlin filling the 3rd grade position making an opening for a 5th grade position.  The district is discussing funding options for positions; they are looking into the Reserve funds for the already approved raises, which causes struggles to add other positions like the counselor for every school (this is all in the beginning phase).  The school has started to implement Second Step program.
  3. Teacher’s Report: Mr. Quimby was checking on status of SnoCones for Fun in the Sun (approved); Mrs. Dreiling asked about funding for Spelling City; $69.95 for 3 prescriptions to cover all classes (Anita stated John Thiessen does not want curriculum funded by H&S and will look into this further before moving forward).  Mrs. Sage and Mrs. Archer would like AR to be funded (Same from Anita per curriculum funding)
  4. Grant Coordinator: NA
  5. Hospitality Report: Coming up is Teacher’s week in May.  Anita made a suggestion about remodeling/decorating the lounge for a Teacher appreciation (for future thoughts).
  6. Family Fun Night
    1. There were just over 700 through the door.  $11,500 worth of prizes but only purchased $2,312 as the rest was donated. Sold $1500 more in food tickets then last year.  After next year’s event, if things continue, there should be a sustainable growth in income to sustain a $6000 Budget for Family Fun Night every year with additional fund adding to the H&S account for other needs.  Survey results were read.  Appreciation to Anita Scheve, Frank Medina and Randy Pfannenstiel, Marvin & Julie Brown, Julie from HMS, Hays Police Department, FHSU football players, FHSU tiger, FHSU art, teachers, and all those that helped with Family Fun night.
    2. McDonalds Program –May 9
    3. Upcoming Events
      1. Spring Concert: April 11 at 630 – Grades will split like the Christmas Concert, K-2 then 3-5
      2. 5th Grade Promotion: May 17th at 9am; Robin Kisner will complete picture, shirt, & bag
      3. Kindergarten Parent Information Night: May 2nd @ 6:30
      4. Fun in the Sun – May 16th, request for parent help is always appreciated and note will be going out soon
      5. Last Day of School – Friday, May 17th Half day (before lunch)
      6. Other ideas, concerns, questions

Meeting adjourned at 8:03 pm


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