Home and School

Executive Committee 2018-2019

President: Andrea Dinkel
Vice President: Tamra Leiker
Secretary: Laura Chartier
vTreasurer:  Jessica Kerr

Committee Chairs

Hospitality: Amanda Bickle
Fundraising/Sales:  Julie Brown
Family Fun Night: Tami Zimmerman
Boxtops/Labels: Faye Miller
Dillons Cards: Freddy Unruh
T-Shirts: Summer Melvin

Special Events:

Teacher Reps: Teresa Gross  & Jessie Groff
Principal: Anita Scheve

Wilson Home & School Meeting Minutes

October 11, 2018

Regular Meeting

6:30 pm


Attendees: Anita Scheve, Andrea Dinkel, Laura Chartier; Faye Miller, Derrick Bussman, Jessica Keer, Jessica Groff, Teresa Gross, Kortney Niernberger, Amy Feldt, Tracy Day, Tamara Leiker, Julie Brown, Irene Koert

1. Introductions

2. Officer/Chairperson Updates:

a. President

i. The $200 classroom cards were issued.

b. Vice-President: NA

c. Secretary: NA

d. Treasurer: Current balance $23,277.24 (saving $3,795.63 / checking $19,481.61) Additional funds included: Shirt sales, $100 donation, Amazon smile $5.25, Dillon’s donation, etc.

3. Principals Reports

a. Boxtop funds purchased classroom balls and other playground items (color coordinated for each grade); they were provided to the classrooms today.

b. Soccer nets are up and playground is complete.

c. Building team is working on action plan of getting social emotional curriculum; Heartland foundation for possible grant. Looking into Second Step: (1) Language is different for each grade, (2) allows for everyone in school to talk the same language (3) has a script for specific teachings. Nothing is approved, in the investigation phase.

4. Teachers Reports: Teachers thanked Home and School for the Parent / Teacher meals.

5. Hospitality – NA

6. Fundraiser: Winners were announced, extra cookie dough has been distributed.

7. Box Tops – Tamra/Tracy

a. Mrs. Archer’s class won the October competition and earned the SnoCone treat.

b. Next BoxTop submission deadline is March 1st. Next contest will be January or February 2019. Looking into a minimum number of BoxTops brought or a minimum number of BoxTops for the School to have Crazy hair day; still being discussed.

c. Discussed where the BoxTop funds are used for. The principal holds the account, used for school/teacher needs. Some things used in the past is the art paper (available to all staff), pencil sharpeners, playground balls/items, etc.

8. Fall Fast Food Night & Dillon’s Card Renewals – Faye

a. Thursday November 15th from 5-8 and Sign up for the teachers to work will be in the lounge.

b. Dillon’s Card: A postcard on how to enroll will be developed to assist people with enrollment on the Dillons website.

9. Family Fun Night – Brad/Lance

a. NA

10. Grant Coordinator – Kourtney

a. Teachers 3rd grade class requesting Country specific books, about 15-20 books on different countries. Teachers are requesting $200 each class for the books. Andrea made a motion, Faye 2nd, all approved. Teachers/School will purchase and then send receipt to Home and School for reimbursement.

11. Other Ideas, Concerns, or Questions

a. Next H&S Meeting January 10th

b. Corsage for Gloria approved

With no other matters brought before the committee, the meeting was adjourned at 7:17.


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